Passport photos at home DIY

passport photo diy

In this post I will teach how to make passport photos at home in just under 15 minutes.

Passport photos are one of the things we need to constantly and almost never have, or that we are not up to date. And most of us with the means we have at home can do it, and save some money, not to mention the satisfaction of knowing that we ourselves did the images are in our ID cards.

I remember when I was little and yet not so long ago there are those photo booths at the entrance of the shopping centers and metropolitan and that could take four photographs, it was an interesting experience, we entered, we sat ourselves in a chair we looked into a mirror and never forget to close the curtain, and “flash” minutes later were printed four photographs amid vintage tones.

It was the most economical solution to traditional photographers, but this type of machines began to disappear in some countries.

So let’s start:

The optimum is to have your own photo studio, even at home. But I suppose that does not have the funds (backgrounds) and professional lighting equipment.

Do not worry.

Find a wall with a smooth background of light and uniform color. If you are taking a picture for the citizen card, note that should have white or gray and uniform.

In the example here I bring you opted for a separate fund, however always advise to be a uniform background, a white wall for example.

If you can, move as much as possible the person’s wall, will allow decreasing the shadow that can generate the flash light and the details of the wall.
For lighting, the venue has illuminated through a side window will greatly improve the outcome.

Now the fun part:

Assembling the photos

I will give you a free template belowyou just need to add a like on my facebook page and  you can download it.

Just put your photos in black rectangles. The size of pictures pass type are normally 32 by 26 mm (3.2 by 2.6 cm), just have to put your photos and adjust a bit to fit well.

Download the template:


The process that I bring you here is to generate 8 identical photographs, but can make the process with different photographs.

Let’s start:

Start by opening the template here I leave you to download and open will find a template with 8 black squares are where you will put the photos.

passport photos template

Open the photo or photos you want to use and copy the photo into the template you are using.

Now with the picture selected lower the opacity of the picture as it will allow can see black rectangles below.

Now we need to adjust the size of our photo using the Edit option -> Free Transform (the keyboard shortcut is Ctrl + T or cmd + T on Mac). You will see that the squares appear at the corners of the photo. Pressing the arrow key to make the case without ever drop, the mouse select a corner of your photo and adjust until almost the ideal size, preferably slightly larger than the black rectangle.

passport photos template 2

Now that you have the photo of that, it’s time to cut. To do this, select the layer of the template and select the magic wand tool and click with the mouse on the black rectangle behind your photo. will verify that the selection is the correct size.


Now select the layer of the photo, and copy the selection (Ctrl + C or cmd + C on Mac) drag now the picture up a new rectangle and it must fit perfectly.

Repeat the above process until you have 7 photos lined up in all rectangles.

Finally, delete the first frame and repeat the process creating the last photo to fill the 8 black rectangles.4

And here is the final result, it is now only record in jpg format and lead to any home specialty and ask to print on standard size 10X15.


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