How to choose film for your camera


You decided to take the step of shooting the film? and at this point already has a fantastic camera that can not wait to use. What to do now? For it is clear have to buy a roll of film. But this seems easier said than done … which one is to choose? A good place to start is to look at examples of photographs taken at different film marks. There are thousands of examples:

So I advise you to take a look at Flickr and search for the movie name and see the results that are obtained with each of them
These are some of the most common and easy to find film types, but by no means are the only brands available. Now that you have some reference examples and already is inspired you feel, let me just slow down a bit this momentum and draw attention to the next, because the reality of the movie is this:

Everything will depend on what kind of picture you want, analog photography does depend on the chosen film the desired effect, that is, 30 years ago when a photographer wanted to take pictures, chose the roll according to what he intended.

Now in digital adjusts the settings of the machine or do post processing in digital processing was done by the choice of film or how it was chemically revealed.

So let’s move then to the part of choosing your first roll of film!
First you must decide if you want to shoot in black and white or color.

Keep in mind that black and white has a wider dynamic range, and is therefore more permissive to errors with your exposure. However, if you have your heart in color photography, do not let that stop you.

I recommend to get a roll with an ISO 400 black and white or color.

ISO 400 is versatile in nature and allow shoot a variety of lighting conditions.

The 35mm film rolls come on 24 and 36 exposures per roll. I recommend for the price difference of 36.

medium format films come in size 120 and 220, with double the exhibition at 220.

Not all cameras accept 220 film, but will buy your first roll of film assume it’s certainly not medium format but a 35 mm.

If you decide to go Black and White:
  • Ilford Delta 400 ou HP5 Plus
  • Kodak X-400 Tri
  • Kodak T-Max 400
My personal choice goes to Ilford HP 5 e Delta
If you decide to go color:
Kodak Portra 400
Fuji Superia 400
I love both

I recomend that you search a lot on line but the best way its to try and choose.

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