Raw vs Jpg it’s an old theme and much has been written on this subject, but today I will add a new element, the old film.


It is a fact that these days digital photography has fantastic technological advances more systems for capturing and editing.

Tools and powerful filters and subsequent adjustments to capture the image that go far beyond simple click.

But this leads me to think that much once the technical knowledge, was by all these advances become secondary and to be good photographer most of the time is not necessary to have knowledge as a photographer, but to know and be able to guarantee high-quality images, whether captured or edited.

30 years ago traditional photography or as some call it, the analog photography required a thorough knowledge of the photographer to obtain quality images before the click.

the photographer was composing in his head the picture and could see it long before the traditional beating of the mirror to hear.

Today the digital RAW allows a wide range of adjustments enhancing photos to limits never before seen.

And even conventional analog or film after scanning can be completed in the digital process with adjustments that go far beyond the classic tunings that were used in photo labs.

And this does not mean that i dont love digitar, because the digital, as when properly recorded shows fantastic images with the same simple settings, but in most cases the records are poor and poorly structured by the lack of technical knowledge but recovered after the possibilities of the click, the photographer being a secondary element in the whole process.

The system in RAW mode is a good example, because many believe to be of extreme professionalism when it is actually easier registration process where almost all errors are corrected with satisfaction in post processing. RAW when used technically well understood and is a source of high quality files, however, used as a reference professional, but not the essence of the fact that knowledge.

There are already agencies to prohibit the use of RAW, as Reuters argues that the use of RAW, is an element that is enhancer change the way photos are actually captured.

Actually hike to more post production and less technique in photography?

If the market today still could find professional films and laboratories with the developing process of the film monitored following a quality technical standard, for sure, I would use a lot more film !!!

Unfortunately for lack of volume of movies to be revealed, the processes are compromised damaging the revelation of the films.

Recalling that the photographic film can usually be scanned in digital labs. With digitization, we have the best texture of movies with digital profile.

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