Olloclip lenses for iPhone 5 SE


In these days anyone can be a photographer, in fact with the increased quality of the lens installed in smartphones, more and more enthusiastic people to photograph.

With the emergence of social networks like Facebook and Instagram, the photo with mobile phones or smartphones are becoming increasingly popular.

It is a fact that all we capture great pictures with our smartphones and apply filters in post production and get great pictures.

But there are those who want to take a step ahead and make shooting with smartphones something even better.

And in that some manufacturers have been developing accessories for this type of photography.

Olloclip it’s a company that has been manufacturing lenses for iPhone and also for Samsung, and is surely one of the best lens manufacturers for today’s smartphones.

We had the privilege to receive for review the QUICK-FLIP CASE para iphone 5S and SE, a 4-IN-1-LENS and the TELEPHOTO+CPL LENS.

And this post is all about this review

OCEU-IPH5-FCPA-TBThe QUICK-FLIP CASE, is a cover for Iphone that in addition to protecting has the particularity to allow open a quick way in the upper right corner of iPhone the paraOCEU-IPH5-FCPA-TB space could fit the Olloclip lens without the need for removing the cover to be able to shoot. Being a frequent user of photography will definitely appreciate the convenience of this accessory that makes life easier for those who need often shooting. Also it comes with an accessory that allows you to install your iPhone on a tripod to conventional photography.

The 4-IN-1-LENS is a set of 4 lenses in one piece, and that following behind the lenses, the Fishey, WIDE-ANGLE MACRO 10X and 15X.convencional MACRO.


The TELEPHOTO+CPL LENS, it is a zoom lens and a polarizing filter back also adaptable to other lenses of the brand that helps to reduce reflections and accentuate the blue sky significantly improving the quality of photographs.

In the photographs I made I realized the ability of these lenses have a fabulous quality construction and make all the difference in the photo taken with my iphone, I draw your attention to the detail captured by macro lens.

See some examples without any editing of photographs taken during the test.


In summary if you like photography, like to make photos with your smartphone, the Olloclip the system will not disappoint, it is surely the best that is made in lenses for mobile.


We thanks  Olloclip for sending the item for review.

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