Last year was announced something that would surely please the majority of us photographers that use huge accessories and gadgets with USB and Micro USB ports.

A North American company of New Jersey announced a USB micro cable that was reversible and could be used without worrying about the right side.

For us photographers was the end of wasted time looking the right side to connect the huge accessories that we use on the go, from the reader of our memory cards, via external drives, headsets, or even our smartphone.

The launch was done by Indiegogo and quickly was a success due to the huge interest in this accessory.

MicFlipWe had the opportunity to receive one sample for review last week and we leave here our first impressions and analysis.


The first thing that jumps out at this equipment is the premium quality that it boasts.

WinnerGear decidedly put high premum  materials used on this cable. And deliver this equipment in a cable coated with nylon for protection, and the connection ends coated with gold to optimize the connection and prevent oxidation, thus allowing a durable cable without connection failures and optimized for the duration and reliability.

And it is not what we all seek in our travels, where our equipment is taken to the extreme?

MicFlipThis cable appears at a time when Apple has already introduced the Lightning port, and some brands are beginning to enter the USB-C, also reversible, but what is certain is that for most manufacturers the standard is still the Micro USB .


micflip-2As mentioned above, the MicFlip, was designed to be connected to your device, no matter the direction in which it is, will always work.


For 3 days, I tested this cable with multiple devices, SD card reader, my smartphone, and even my Bluetooth headset and I can say it is a tranquility not have to worry about whether or not I am putting on the correct side, it is simply “quick connect”.

This cable can be purchased in Gold or Silver, and can choose to 20 cm, 1 meter or 2 meters.

I leave you the link where can purchase: MicFlip da WinnerGear

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