Review Yongnuo YN85mm F1.8

Yongnuo 85 mm f1.8

For those who do not yet know the manufacturer Yongnuo, it is a Chinese manufacturer that has become known for the quality and low price of photographic equipment.

Yongnuo has long surprised us by the quality of its speedlight flashes and triggers that are used by many of us. And they are used both professionally and by many photography enthusiasts.

A couple of years ago Yongnuo shocked the photographic equipment industry by releasing a 50mm Canon f.18 compatible lens, a direct competitor to Canon’s already affordable “nifty fifty”, better known as “fantastic Plastic “.

But more surprising was, if the 50mm Canon was already affordable, Yongnuo’s was still more affordable.

But still remained one question! What about quality?

And several reviews were made, and the community of bloggers and youtubers analyzed with more or less scientific tests and arrived to a more or less consensual verdict the image quality is quite good, and at a very attractive price only losing to some details such as the noise of motorized focus engine, but nothing that disrupts an amateur photographer, enthusiast or even an open-minded professional to experience third party lenses.

But Yongnuo went further, and soon released a 35mm f 2.0 also for Canon, and recently a 50mm f 1.8 for Nikon, that we had already the opportunity to do the test and check the excellent quality of the optics.

And Yongnuo shaked again this industry by adding two more lenses, one 85mm F1.8 and at 100mm F2.0, both models compatible with Canon cameras.

Yongnuo gave us the opportunity to be one of the first site to be able to test and analyze these two lenses.

Today we are going to review the Yongnuo 85 mm f1.8.

Yongnuo 85 mm f1.8

The YN85mm F1.8 is a prime lens, which means, with fixed focal length, designed for Canon full frame or APS-C digital cameras, and can also be used with a mirrorless camera with an adapter.

With a focal length of 85mm and a maximum aperture of 1.8mm, this lens it’s an ideal lens for portraits, or an all around lens that will make your point of interest stay focused, and the background Blurred with a beautifull “bokeh” that makes the photos stand out and stay with that effect so professional and full of glamor that we all apreciate.

Yongnuo 85 mm f1.8

If shooting with an APS-C camera will get a real 135mm of fixed focal length, further compressing the background.

This lens is equivalent to the Canon EF 85mm f 1.8 USM lens which costs € 500,00 and can be purchased from Amazon with a price tag of € 190,00, we are talking about a lens for less than half the value of the lens. Manufacturer’s lens.


Focal length: 85mm
Lens structure: 6 lenses, 9 groups
Minimum aperture: f / 1.8
Minimum focus distance: 0.85m
Diameter of the filter 58mm
Max. Diameter: length: 81mm

Building Quality:

The build quality is very good overall. The mount is metallic with gold plated contacts for better connectivity, and includes EXIF information.

You will find a rubberized focus ring with good grip, and between this ring and the docking stand, you will find a plastic body, but already in the upper part between the photo ring and the front element of the lens is a metal construction, Including the 58mm filter thread.

Yongnuo 85 mm f1.8

The focus ring is very precise and can be turned even in automatic mode. Like the other models of the brand will find the possibility to turn off the auto focus on the button next to the focus display.

Yongnuo 85 mm f1.8

The autofocus engine is a bit noisier than the Canon EF 85mm f 1.8 USM and a little slower to focus, but nothing that compromises the quality of this lens in terms of use,  however the Canon lens works with an ultrasonic engine “USM Ultra Sonic Motor”.

In our review, I can say that this lens proved to be extremely effective and accurate by focusing 99% of the time correctly with either the Canon 5D or the 60D with which I did the test, even when focusing with the maximum aperture to 1.8.

The lens closes with 8 blades making a soft bokeh and well achieved.

Yongnuo 85 mm f1.8 Yongnuo 85mm F1.8



The lens comes with a good quality carrying pouch and a good quality sunglass that fits into the lens and given its high aperture is especially good for avoiding lens flare.

Image Quality:

But nowlets talk about image quality that what all we want to know.

In the photographs I took, in and out of the studio I can say that this lens surprised me very positively, although it may not be as sharp on the edges as the Canon EF 85mm f 1.8 USM lens, but for the price i can say its 90% sharp as the Canon EF 85mm f 1.8 USM .

Final thoughts:

If you are an advanced photographer, and want a prime focus fixed lens for portraits or nature photography or even an all around lens, with a good background blur.

If you are looking for a good quality lens that will not blow your budget, the Yongnuo YN85mm F1.8 is the perfect lens, and you can not find a better one. With a pump price that falls below half the price of the Canon EF 85mm f 1.8 USM lens, there is no better choice for those on a tight budget. However keep in mind that the focus motor is slower and noisier, however the image quality is very similar, being only slightly softer at the edges than the Canon EF 85mm f 1.8 USM lens at maximum aperture. But for less than half the price, you will not regret.

Our special thanks to Yongnuo for the cooperation.


Build Quality
Design and Ergonomics
Photo Quality
Value fot Money
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