Review Yongnuo 100mm f2

Yongnuo does not stop to amaze us, in addition to expertly manufacturing high-quality speedlights compatible with Nikon and Canon bodies at very affordable prices, has entered the world of lenses compatible with the same philosophy, combining quality at affordable prices.

Yongnuo 100mm f2

Concerning the quality of this lenses we already had opportunity to review the 50mm f1.8 compatible with Nikon, the 85mm f1.8 compatible with Canon and now finally the 100mm f2 also compatible with Canon.

To talk about this lens is inevitable that we compare it with the Canon EF 100mm f / 2 USM lens, because both visual and performance terms are identical.

Visually and abstracting from the brand the most pronounced difference is the printed rim which in the Canon is golden yellow and in Yongnuo is silver white.

The lens of Canon has been on the market for many years and dates back to the early 90’s and was clearly due to its success a lens much loved by many of the photographers around the world, however due to the popularity of its sister 85mm 1.8 remained always a little sleepy, however to Yongnuo knowing of this particularity also launched the 85mm f1.8 that we already had opportunity to review.

At the top the Cano, below the Yongnuo

But let us first know what this lens is for, what its purpose is and what a lens with a focal length of 100mm is for.

It is a lens essentially intended for photographers who want to make portraits or need a lens with a longer focal length and want a value for money ratio. However it is not a lens to shoot all the reasons, making it have a focal length too long for most subjects photographed, especially if using an APS-C camera because here you will get a real 160mm.

Focal lenght


With a focal length of 100mm and a large maximum aperture, this is a relatively compact lens. The 100 mm focal length allows you to maintain a comfortable working distance compared to the subjects you have shot, helping to further compress the perspective, allowing you to obtain clear images across the range of apertures, as we will demonstrate. The focal length of 100mm, which is equal to 160mm in the APS-C camera, will allow you to create a compressed space perspective effect.


A large maximum aperture of f / 2 allows excellent shooting speed in low light conditions, usually without flash. When shooting with apertures as large as f / 2 will cause the background to be blurred, making the subject stand out.

Yongnuo 100mm f2


A well-constructed aperture diaphragm with 9-blade almost circular provides a smooth and more uniform appearance to the unfocused regions. Sharp, sharp objects in the foreground stand out against the background bokeh.


The Yongnuo 100mm f2 does not have an ultrasonic motor that equips the Canon version, This one is noisier, however it provides fast autofocus focusing, which in our test has demonstrated high focus point accuracy without overtaking. Manual control is always available, making it possible to adjust the focus without leaving the AF mode. Note that this lens is not stabilized, but also that of Canon is not. The minimum focal length is 90 cms. Something curious that I noticed was that when you turn the focus ring the indicator turns in the opposite direction than the Canon model.

In our review, I can say that this lens proved to be extremely effective however some of the times with regard to more distant objects I noticed that it did not focus, being necessary to focus on something closer to return to focus on the more distant object, and this occurred either with Canon 5D or with the 60D with which I did the test, even when focusing with the maximum aperture at 2.0 or smaller apertures.

Build Quality

The lens is constructed of good quality metal and plastic, the diameter of the filter is 58mm. The coatings applied to the front element of the camera are of good quality ensuring a beautiful color balance and good contrast. They also reduce glare and ghosting. The metal fitting is of excellent durability by adopting a metal bayonet to prevent wear and corrosion resistance for intensive and durable use. In addition and similar to the 85mm Yongnuo built this lens with gold-plated metal contacts, improving the connections to the camera body and resistance to corrosion. It is important to note that the lens is not sealed against the elements of nature, but neither is the Canon that is based on an older design.

Yongnuo 100mm f2

It also supports several shooting modes, and the aperture and data can be displayed in the EXIF information.

This lens has a focal range indicator that is convenient to observe the distance of the object and the size of the depth of field.

Image quality

In the photographs that I realized in and out of the studio I can say that this lens surprised me very positively, although it may not be as sharp on the edges as the Canon EF 100mm f 2.0 USM lens, let’s say that nothing is to be desired, Their role in perfection.

Yongnuo 100mm f2

Yongnuo 100mm f2

Yongnuo 100mm f2

This lens is on sale on Amazon for a price of $ 169 which compared to the Canon lens that Amazon costs $ 499 is a difference to take into account given that the image quality of both is similar , Only losing to the setting at the edges and of course there is a much louder autofocus.

For photography

As for the video concerns my version has not opened in live view, so I do not know if it’s because I’m one of the first and probably still does not come with all the improvements, what is certain is that I could not make video With this lens, however in terms of photography, works flawlessly.

Yongnuo 100mm f2


The Yongnuo YN 100mm F2 is neither more nor less than the Canon Canon EF 100mm f / 2 USM lens, with a very similar construction quality and a focus motor a little slower and a little noisier, however with regard to the Image quality we can clearly say that it is very similar and want a 100mm f2 the choice taking into account the cost benefit ratio clearly hangs to the side of the Yongnuo.

I leave some of the images with different openings so they can see the bokeh.

Yongnuo 100mm f2
F 2.0
Yongnuo 100mm f2
F 2.8
Yongnuo 100mm f2
F 7.1
Yongnuo 100mm f2
F 16
Build Quality
Image Quality
Value for Money
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