FlashQ Trigger

FlashQ Trigger

FlashQ Trigger

It was at about a year ago that I saw in Lisbon a girl shooting with a small, discreet trigger with an off camera flash, was FlashQ Trigger, which until now I was unaware of its existence, and I realized it was a tourist and she has Nexx camera, I tried to realize what it was and from wich manufacturer, until I could not resist the curiosity and questioned.
The friendly tourist was Japanese and was provided with a colorful FlashQ Trigger in pink and off-camera flash and told me she had bought in Japan and were the new fashion for girls who like to flash photography and share quality pictures art on Instagram.
I hastened to investigate and found the company that manufactured. Light Pix.
I Contacted them, and after a few months they contacted me to inform me about the new FlashQ Trigger that will be released on 17 April.
For Those who do not know the FlashQ Trigger
There created by the small community of photographers, designers and engineers who created the company Light Pix
The idea was to create triggers to be used by photographers simply and creatively, so that it can be used by everyone and not just for professionals.
Launched in 2014 with a bunch of bacckers in IndieGoGo, these triggers are universal and allow you to make creative photographs.
For those unaware of the technique of photo camera with flash, I strongly recomend to try it, in fact it is a technique that accentuates the shadows and creates much more dynamic photographs.

And now on April 17 will be released the new FlashQ Trigger (T1-S) with support for Sony cameras.

FlashQ Trigger (T1-S)

FlashQ Trigger

Flash Trigger are carefully designed triggers in order to provide a nice design for compact cameras and raised colorful fashion in order to be “fashionables”.

FlashQ TriggerBoth the sender and the receiver works with the same interface which means you have 2 buttons and 3 colored LEDs.

Furthermore they have a synchronizer cable.

The advantage of this trigger is its compatibility since no TTL information is transmitted, adapting to most camera brands available in the market.


FlashQ TriggerYou can get more information on Light Pix.

We will review this triggers in short time and present to our readers our opinion for this simple and fashionable flash trigger.