Yashica Electro 35

Yashica electro 35

The Yashica Electro 35 is a rangefinder camera made by Yashica, a Japanese company.

Yashica Electro 35

This model was manufactured from the mid 1960. It is a model with fixed lens 45mm 1.7. It was the first camera’s brand electronically controlled.


It works mainly in aperture priority mode and ‘auto’. The only other operation modes are ‘flash’ (1/30) and ‘Bulb’.

Electro 35 original was released in 1966.

He carried an accessory shoe (cold shoe) and accepted film speeds were 12-400 ASA (iso).


Light levels are measured using a cadmium sulfide (CdS) photoresistor and powered by a mercury battery (there is not already but can be easily replaced by alternative with a suitable adapter).
The speed setting of the film is not implemented electronically, rather a simple double diaphragm blades opens in front of the light sensor as the film speed is reduced.


The electronics on this camera allows the shutter only works when you have given enough light on the film.

This system allows the speed to adapt to changing light levels. (Remember we were in the 60s of last century).

DSLRs of our times would have to wait many years for a similar capacity with off-the-film measurement.
Electro 35 L was introduced in 1968 to change largely cosmetic. The range of usable film speeds has been extended a little longer, up to 500 ASA (iso).
The lens was labeled “Color Yashinon” to reassure the public since it was the time when the color film use was growing rapidly.

The GT Electro 35 was launched in 1969 with a body painted black instead of satin chrome finish.

The Electro 35 GS and GT were introduced in 1970. The big news was the gold used in the internal electrical contacts, ie were plated pure to prevent oxidation of hindering the flow of electricity around the circuit. The range of usable film speed was doubled to vary 25-1000 ASA.
The Electro 35 GSN (satin chrome) and NTG (black) were introduced in 1973. The big change for these cameras was the addition of a hot shoe (hot shoe) to flash, while maintaining the PC soquet.
The Yashica Electro 35 recently seen its popularity grow when in the 2012 film Spider-Man was the camera used by Peter Parker with its popular colorful strap.


This appearance in Hollywood made the camera value fired for considerable sums, is a great camera but be aware some considerations, namely:

The battery works only with adapter and there is a part of the internal mechanism that involves a spring loaded bar that operates a set of switch points. When the advance film lever is. This bar moves to its original position, reaching a small rubber pad on top. Over time this rubber degenerates and prevents proper operation (internal) of the camera, in particular its measuring circuits. The camera needs to be dismantled for this pad to be replaced, and Portugal will be difficult to find who knows perform this type of work.

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