Following the article I did on Soviet cameras, today I speak not of a Soviet camera but a camera manufactured by East Germany during the time of the Cold War and to some extent under Soviet rule.

Praktica MTL 3

The Praktica MTL3 is a camera manufactured by Pentacon in eastern Germany, an SLR that uses lenses with M42 mount and was produced on a large scale between 1978 and 1984.
With an economic and robust construction this camera was the responsible in Europe for making reach many people with fewer resources the possibility of having a camera due to its economic price.

There are several versions of this model as you can see on the photo

This is a film camera, which has long been the choice of camera recommended to photography students for their basic use and large-scale manufactured M42 lenses allowed to be quite affordable.

This is a great camera body, and built like a German tank built to last.

This is a camera that has a built-in light meter that uses mercury batteries 1.3V, which is no longer manufactured, but I recommend you buy the batteries for hearing aids air / zinc with 1.4V that despite lasting only 3 to 4 months are quite economical and serve almost perfectly, are the cells that normally use in my classic that require mercury batteries.

The photometer works with a needle that points to a + or – sign or when you are in the correct function points to the “o”

This is the best part about this camera. MTL 3 has a metal shutter curtain. It moves vertically and is so robust that works perfectly even 25 years after its production. The speeds are B, then 1 1/1000 sec. It has a separate position for use with electronic flash units that synchronizes / 125 sec according to the camera’s manual. Metal blinds are its strong point that unlike fabric does not suffer from power problem serrem easily pierced with over the years.Praktica MTL3_ MM3

This camera was usually sold with Pentacon 1.8 50mm lens with M42 mounting.

Can you get this camera on eBay for very economic values, or vintage items homes, in amounts 20 to 30 euros without lens.

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